How to Download Zelda for PC Windows 10?

The Legend of Zelda is Nintendo’s superhit, action-adventure video game series. Download Zelda for PC Windows with our free guide.

The Legend of Zelda Summary

The Legend of Zelda – Nintendo’s oldest and the most influential franchise in the video gaming segment – is breathtakingly beautiful in its gameplay delivery, the execution of battles, graphics, and the characters dealing.

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the legend of zelda

The game lets you traverse across huge fields imbued with magic and mysteries. Up your ante in a battle between the good and the bad, take skies, draw your sword, wrest hold of the treasures, and do the winning.

Zelda brings a riveting experience and can keep you glued for hours. An open-air adventure, the game allows you to explore more territories than you can find in any other game, making it one of the most engaging and spectacular video game franchises from the giant – Nintendo.

Zelda has no official variant for PC. But fortunately, you can download the game on your PC using Nintendo Emulators. This guide explains how you can download Zelda for PC Windows 10 – free and fast. Stay with us!

System Requirements for Downloading Zelda for PC Free


  1. Operating System: Windows 7 and the KB3135445 platform update
  2. Processor: AMD Vishera FX-6350 3.9GHz or higher; Intel Pentium Dual-Core G4400 3.30GHz or higher
  3. Hard Drive: 6 GB or more space
  4. RAM: 4 GB or more
  5. Video Memory: 500 MB
  6. Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  7. Graphics Card: ASUS Radeon R7 250; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 or higher


  1. Operating System: Windows 10
  2. Processor: AMD Six-Core CPU; Intel Quad-Core CPU
  3. Hard Drive: 8 GB or more
  4. RAM: 6GB
  5. Video Memory: 2 GB 
  6. Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  7. Graphics Card: ASUS Radeon R7 250; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 or higher

Zelda for PC Windows 10 – Free Download Guide

The Legend of Zelda, as explained before, isn’t available for PC officially. Still, you can download the game using Nintendo Emulators.

CeMu Emulator

An emulator works by creating a virtual environment on a PC, allowing the latter to run any app, game, or software supported in the new environment created. To download Zelda for PC free, you need CeMu Emulator – one of the best we have.

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Step 1: Download and Configure Cemu Emulator

  • Go to the official website of Cemu Emulator and download the latest version. 
  • Tap on the download button and extract the zip file.
  • Now download the “Cemu Hoop zip File” from this link.
  • Once the file is downloaded, copy it to the extracted file from the second point.
  • After this, download the “Cemu Graphics Pack” from this link. After that, paste it into the Graphics pack folder.
  • Now download the “Shader Pack” from here, and paste it in the Shader Cache folder.
  • Once that is done, restart your computer. With that, you have successfully downloaded Cemu Emulator.
  • Now, start the emulator and configure it via the start-up guide. After that, move to the next steps.

Step 2: Create Blank Folders

  • Once your emulator is configured, close it. Now, go to its directory and create these three folders in the location.
  • Helper DX
  • Helper
  • Helper EX
  • Now download the WiiU_USB_Helper from here and open it.

After that, set the default directory for download to “Helper DX.” And the default extraction directory to the “Helper EX” folder.

Step 3: Download the Legend of Zelda

  • After that, search for The Legend of Zelda. Once you find it, right-click on the game and download it.
  • Make sure you unselect options for “updates & DLC.”
  • Now, right-click on the icon and select “download an update.” Here, select the 1.76 Version. 
  • After that, manually download the DLC as well, and click on the “unpack option.”

Step 4: Run the Game

  • Now tap on load and go to the Helper EX folder.
  • Then double click on the Legend of Zelda folder. Under that load the .rpx file. 
  • Now, close your emulator and go to its root directory.
  • Search for log.txt and copy the code next to “Shade Cache Name.”
  • Now go back and open the shader cache folder. And look for the.bin file. “Rename” it with the copied code. 
  • After that launch, you and the emulator will be able to play Zelda Breath of Wild conveniently.

Note: There are chances that the game might run slow at the beginning. But, once the shader cache gets the hang of it, you will experience a much smoother gaming experience.

Experience Errors with Zelda – Here’s the Solution

If you’re facing problems with the CeMu emulator while playing Zelda, we’ve a solution for you. Merely by configuring a few options, you can experience the classic Zelda gameplay sans errors.

experience errors with cemu player

  1. Go to the ‘Task Bar’ and click on the ‘Debug’ option. 
  2. Modify the ‘Game Timer Option’ available below the Debug option. Set the speed of 1X and MM timer accuracy of 1MS respectively.
  3. Visit the CPU options and select ‘REcompiler’ under it. Set the mode to the dual or triple core, REcompiler. 
  4. Lastly, inside the options section, set Low on the GPU buffer cache accuracy. 

NOTE: While these tweaks can undoubtedly improve the gaming experience up to a certain extent, the gaming performance depends on your system’s specifications.

Key Features of the Legend of Zelda

1. Unrestricted Gameplay

The Legend of Zelda is all about exploring and unfathomable exploring. For swift progress, the rule of thumb is – pay attention to the minor details coming all along.

The game offers timeless action spread out against a limitless, mysterious territory where exploration never ends. Weapons come and go, so make sure you save the primary weapons for the toughest battles.

Remember to collect the best swords, and exercise cognition.

2. Money to Buy Weapons

As you make progress, you get rewarded with money in the game – the Legend of Zelda. You can use your rewards to buy the favorite ammunition from the stock. 

3. Touring

For mid-air adventures, the game allows seamless touring across the ecosystem through a paraglider. Mount it and glide from high elevations seamlessly. 

4. Avenues for Character Growth

The Legend of Zelda offers a broad scope for characters to build them up. The game offers enough options to upgrade the stamina bar or collect hearts.

It’s recommended that you collect hearts every time.

As far as the stamina bar is concerned, think strategically, and have a good sense of what you need. Being low on hearts means you’re vulnerable to falling at once from a hit. 

5. Umpteen Armor

The Legend of Zelda offers a variety of armor on sale, from ice-infused weapons to fire blasters. At every sale, you will get to explore a new realm of armor, but of course, only when you tend to shop.

Pro Tip: Buy as many weapons and chests as you can. Inside the Legend of Zelda, you’ll never have just enough of them. 

6. Tutorials for Each Weapon

Most of the tutorials in the game are dedicated to helping gamers learn the ability and capacity of the weapon he has. That means you’ll always know what business you’re dealing with. 

7. High-Intensity Combats

Combats of the Legend of Zelda are one-of-a-kind, replete with action, thrill, and a vicious lust for winning. Once you’re in, you’ll entirely remain hooked to the sensational ups and downs in the game. 

8. Shrines

The Legend of Zelda turns more ruthless with its element called the shrines. It offers the most challenging puzzles and so you must always arrive at a shrine with a full set of arrows.

Complete one shrine at a time, and don’t try the new powers because they don’t work in shrines. 

Games like the Legend of Zelda for PC

1. Dark Souls

Dark Souls - Wikipedia

The game has similar gameplay when compared to Zelda. Even the shop placements that the enemies run at times are also identical. In both games, you will collect some money or items to use by breaking the stuff.

2. 3D Dot Game Heroes

3D Dot Game Heroes - Wikipedia

The 3D Dot Game Heroes is an imitation of the typical Zelda gameplay. The game is all about stopping an evil villain from making the world a living hell. 

3. The Blinding of Isaac: Rebirth

A fantastic game with a lot of content, the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth borrows some concepts from The Legend of Zelda, such as the boss fights, some items, and the easter eggs.

Download Zelda for PC Windows 10: Final Words

That’s all for this guide. Hope it leads you well through the process of downloading Zelda for Windows PC 10.


Let us know if you still have doubts or are getting stuck somewhere. We will be happy to assist you. Have any suggestions? Write to us in the comment section below, and we shall address them. 

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