Cool Math Games to Inspire Rapid Learning for Kids

5 / 5 ( 3 votes ) Parents are always looking for cool games to keep their children engaged. Irrespective of what one may think, games and puzzles are a terrific way to boost kids’ …

BrainPoP Jr

Parents are always looking for cool games to keep their children engaged. Irrespective of what one may think, games and puzzles are a terrific way to boost kids’ involvement and enthusiasm for learning – in and out of the school. 

If you’re trying to discover some games and ones that are especially based on Math, you’re at the right place. Below, we’ve curated a listicle, covering the best seven cool math games that you should try.

Top 7 Free Cool Math Games Online

1. Prodigy

Math exercises are largely a chore. But, not any longer! Prodigy – a free Math video game – with over a billion tutors and 100 million+ worldwide learners, is transforming learning into a fun, interactive process.

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Prodigy offers a one-of-a-kind learning strategy via a video gaming ecosystem where achievements are determined by solving skill-building, multi-choice questions. Users participate in a variety of activities, scale iteratively, collect bonuses, and compete – all while exploring new talents.

What’s more, the educational programming is all interactive, efficient, and accessible. Math is a different devil to every student, and every student faces his/her own set of challenges. Prodigy tests every player’s ability and flaw in a unique way and address well-fit suggestion to ensure improvements.


Prodigy provides learning on a par with schools since math problems inside the game adhere to national standards like Common Core and TEKS. With 1,400+ talents to choose from, students get a chance to continuously study and make progress.

Pros Cons
Highly interactive Premium membership required
A wide variety of gaming genres available Complicated UI

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2. BrainPoP Jr

In school, at home, or while walking, make BrainPoP Jr a constant. Every week, the unlimited BrainPoP Jr video of the week application provides a new, animated film to your smartphone, along with associated challenges as well as learning activities.

The BrainPoP Jr., the Video of the Week application, is designed for kids in Preschool to third grade and contains excellent Math questions to give a little nudge to young brains. Since its inception in 2006, BrainPoP Jr. has come a long way and earned a place being a friendly, reliable place for elementary students to deepen their learning.

BrainPoP Jr

Annie and Moby, two sympathetic, amusing, and approachable characters, as leaders help students glide over concepts and encourage them to have their own opinion.

BrainPoP Jr., to recapitulate, is a game that encourages youngsters to ask problems and seek conclusions while also cultivating critical reasoning skills. The platform comes packed with a simple UI for children, aging five to nine. 

Pros Cons
Highly secure Does not support parental control
Offers easy learning

Download BrainPoP Jr.

3. Math Riddles

Math Riddles is a game, raising kids’ IQ levels with a blend of logical problems. Kids get a chance to test themselves as they move across levels of Math games and test their mental boundaries. 

Inside the game, brain games are created in the style of an IQ exam. Though brain games are buried in geometrical designs, arithmetic riddles demonstrate arithmetic talent. By examining links between digits in geometrical forms, users develop both the sides of intellect and sharpen their learning edge.

Math Riddles

Mathematical games, like IQ games, stimulate thinking. Logical problems tend to help advanced thinkers improve mental agility by forming new connections.

Pros Cons
Improves focus Few glitches can be seen.
Build memory power

Download Math Riddles

4. 123 Numbers

With 123 Numbers – Counting and Tracing, the finest mathematics teaching app for kids, learning is fun. This simple game, specially created to let students and parents engage and have fun jointly, helps kids master digits, tracing, calculations, and more.

123 Numbers has vibrant, colorful games that educate kids and enable them to learn basic numerical and counting skills. 123 Numbers has engaging images and music in each activity, and valuable stickers are offered to inspire fun learning. Parents, on the other hand, can tailor every game to their child’s preferences.

123 Numbers

123 Numbers is jam-packed with educational activities for kids, including: 

  • Number Tracing helps learn the form of numbers. 
  • Learn Counting that helps learn numerals. 
  • Number Pairing helps recognize digits with representations in bubbles. 
  • Fill in the Gaps that help determine the sequence of numbers in a row with a void space at the end.
Pros Cons
Good audio and visuals No particular order of rewards
Competitive for honing basic skills

Download 123 Numbers

5. Math Games, Learn Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide

This game is an all-in-one platform, featuring simple to advanced multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction problems. Users get a chance to boost their brain capacity and be a master of what’s called the ‘foundation’ of math.

This ultimate math game is available in many languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Malay, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.

Math Games, Learn Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide

Play, Explore, Quiz, Training, Duel, and Challenge are distinct play options available in the game for improving math skills. Users go across these levels to solve multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division problems. After each series of a workbook, a score is displayed. 

The best part? You don’t need a subscription to play this game.

Pros Cons
Clean game with a simple UI Best for students below 18
Great for foundational learning

Download Math Games, Learn Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide

6. Multiplication Kids

Flashcards are the most effective approach to memorizing multiplication tables and building mathematical understanding. Multiplication Kids is a game that helps children learn math tables via flashcards and transform learning into a lively, exciting process.

Multiplication Kids

The game is designed to help young minds learn what they require to learn about numbers through vibrant games and memory problems that include drag-and-match comparison tests. 

For what it does, Multiplication Kids is a game apt for beginners, kindergarteners, and students in their first, second, and third grade. 

Pros Cons
Best app for learning and memorizing tables Not a time-efficient game
Great for young minds

Download Multiplication Kids

7. Cool Math Games Ks1, Ks2

Has math ever bored you? Try this game, if yes! 

Participate in the excitement along the way and work on your arithmetic skills on the mathematics playground. This learning, first-grade math activities application teaches kids how to count, subtract, add, multiply, divide, fraction, and play number games utilizing visuals to make it easier for them to comprehend.

Cool Math Games Ks1, Ks2

With these fantastic mathematical games for youngsters, including step-by-step first Grade Math Activities and second Grade Math Activities, users can boost their confidence to take on difficulties, explore a new and attractive math playground, and improve intuitive abilities. 

Pros Cons
Fun to play Not enough variations
Best for little kids

Cool Math Games – Final Words

Math is an essential subject for learning, and kids will continue to study it throughout their academic careers. Show them as they grow that solving math problems can be fun. 

With these games, your kid will forget about monotonous, dry courses that make them bore to death. An array of brightly colored, professionally produced games will keep students glued to math.

That’s all for this guide. If you find this article helpful, please share your feedback in the comment section below.

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