Top 10 Best Games for Girls – Latest 2021 Trending!

5 / 5 ( 2 votes ) Who says girls love playing dressing games only? It’s the 21st century! Time has evolved and so have girls. They are looking to play games with dynamic storylines, …


Who says girls love playing dressing games only?

It’s the 21st century! Time has evolved and so have girls. They are looking to play games with dynamic storylines, hack-and-splash action, and strong female characters. And, when they get a chance to play such a game on a PC, there is no end to the fun that comes with it.

If you are a frivolous, fun-loving girl looking to play the best games across the board, we have a guide for you. Get ready to explore the top 10 online games for girls.

Top 10 PC Games for Girls – Top List

1. Season Match 4

Do you love solving puzzles? If yes, Urse Games have developed an exciting game.

Season Match 4 is one of the choicest games you can explore if you have a thing for solving complex, brain-twisting puzzles.

Take the leading role in restoring the magical kingdoms ravaged by the attack of evil crows. The game offers numerous quests, a chance to explore all-new characters, and ever-changing, hyper-dynamic gameplay.

Above all, Season Match 4 takes up only 35MB of the PC storage, so you don’t have to sweat over the insufficient disc space.

Immersive graphics Less detailed animations
Lightweight Confusing storyline

Download Season Match 4

2. Undertale

The next game on the list is Undertale, the most hyped entry in recent years. An RPG game by Toby Foxe, Undertale allows you to explore a world laden with nefarious elements of the underworld.

Gear back into the retro time and play the role of a silent hero who encounters random monsters. But there is a twist: instead of killing the villains to gain strength, you have an option of ‘mercy.’

With Undertale, set on a journey full of adventure and dodge the bullet force launched by your foes.

Innovative battles Repetitive, random encounters
Nice soundtrack Not a game for people with photosensitive epilepsy

Download Undertale

3. Ori and the Blind Forest

Buckle up! With Ori and the Blind Forest, it’s time to dive into a little bit of the magnificence of Disney.

The game isn’t just about beauty and all that jazz. It’s a remarkable game, having the look of the old times’ Metroid games, and allows a player to achieve novel abilities as he progresses into the game.

Guide our heroes, Ori and Sein, as they face the dark nemesis eye to eye. Supplement their fight with all you can to help them save their homes. Embark on Metroidvania adventures and don’t forget to watch out for obstacles while gaining access to hard-to-reach items, or else you will fall.

Hand-painted artwork Intense, super-challenging combats
Intricate levels, polished mechanics Minor frame-rate hitches

Download Ori and the Blind Forest

4. Her Story

Does mystery entice you? If so, you can’t afford to miss out on Her Story. The game lets you explore a series of mysterious events, which demands focus and an eye for detail.

Presented by the creator of Silent Hills, Her Story inspires you to fire up your detective tendencies. It starts with a video of a woman being questioned about her husband’s disappearance. Your part is to mix and match clues by screening the police database to dig out facts.

Every interview, every word, every date, and even a slight change in the woman’s clothing can be a potential lead. Don’t let your guard down if winning is the goal.

Excellent character performance Frustrating dead-end searches
Great story Lots of puzzling moments

Download Her Story

5. Terraria

Terraria is an incredible game you don’t want to miss playing, we bet. A game by Re-Logic, it brings an artistic blend of action elements and an aura of creativity in sand-box style.

What’s more, Terraria is a game with unlimited scope. Have the world at your fingertips and dig, explore, build, and fight for your survival. But creating a world isn’t enough. You must destroy other worlds in creation too.

Crush your enemies with epic moves and master the battles. The best part of the Terraria game is its in-depth crafting system as you can design weapons and tools you need.

Effective, streamlined interface Tricky corporative mode
High-quality graphics Lacks in-game tutorials

Download Terraria

6. The Walking Dead – A New Frontier

The tragic tale of the survival of Clementine continues in the next series of Telltale Games – The Walking Dead. If you are not aware, this is an episodic game, and New Frontier is the third installment of this epic series.

The game features two playable characters, Clementine and Javier, and the story revolves around how Clementine, a strong young woman, helps Javier find his lost family.

During the journey, experience many challenges and hardships. The game depends on making the right choices at the right time to save the characters from life-threatening situations. The undead is everywhere.

Engaging, relatable characters No new gameplay mechanics
Phenomenal events Predictable climax

Download the Walking Dead – A New Frontier

7. Stardew Valley

Unlike typical games, Stardew Valley is not about action, thriller, or mysteries. It is a joyful game in which you have to maintain the glory of the farm plot you inherited from your grandfather.

In reality, it is far more than a mere farming game. This game is about what you will do with the hand-in tools given to you. And how you make this community your home will reveal the power of saying a simple hello every day to you.

This outstanding game doesn’t thrive on just physical efforts. It’s the emotions that are the driving force behind it. Players get the most heartwarming and pleasing experience by playing this game. All these inspiring elements uplift the game from fascinating entertainment to a relentless classic.

Subtle tactical elements Boring schedule
Fantastic entertainment Some overlooked mechanics

Download Stardew Valley

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8. Fran Brow

The next name on our list is Fran Bow. It is a creepy, dark, adventurous game with twisted plots. The concept is that there is a girl, Fran living in a mental institute for disturbed children.

The game starts with suspense, and then the story unveils as the game progresses. You have to help Fran in escaping the mental institute. In doing so, you will solve tricky puzzles designed consistently to align with the story seamlessly.

9. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Girls look up to female superheroes, and this is precisely what makes this game worth playing. It is a classic game with a phenomenal story, just like all other games in the Uncharted series.

The protagonist, Chloe Frazer, combats her way through all difficulties thrown at her. Chloe and her partner Nadine are tasked with the onerous responsibility of recuperating an Indian artifact. Together, they will venture around the Indian jungles and ruins in search of that artifact.

10. Cook, Serve, Delicious

Step into this game and cook as you have never cooked. Unlike other games, this one truly drives on enthusiasm. It runs smoothly on PC and grows in creative ways.

Set off to run your own restaurant; however, you will have to give a tough time to other players in the cook-off. Cook, Serve, delicious will push you to learn some essentials, and then it progresses and flings you up to a new overpowering level.

Best Games for Girls – Latest 2021 List

Wait no more to try our best game picks for girls. Our list has got you covered for all game types, from action to thriller and mystery. Check out the pros and cons we have pointed out for you, and then decide what you want.

We hope this guide to the best games for girls online for PC was helpful to you. If you still have any doubts, send in your queries in the comment section below.

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