Top 10 Free Shooting Games for PC in 2021

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) PC shooting games offer action characterized by gunshots, battles for survival, and shooting enemies. However, it’s never about the violence, but training your mind to act with agility …


PC shooting games offer action characterized by gunshots, battles for survival, and shooting enemies. However, it’s never about the violence, but training your mind to act with agility when placed in the middle of danger and stimulating reflexes.

If you are looking to play a shooting game that runs seamlessly on your PC and offers an immersive experience, we have curated a guide that suggests the top 10 options.

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Best Free Shooting Games for PC

1. Counterstrike: Global Offensive

A reprise of the decade-old Counterstrike, Counterstrike: Global Offensive brings pulse-raising gameplay. This version of the game is a far cry from its predecessor and offers challenges that require great effort. Pointing your gun at the target isn’t enough. It would help if you excelled in strategic action to kill the opponents. You can either be a part of the anti-terrorist squad or a terrorist group when you play Counterstrike: Global Offensive. As a member of the former, you help the hostages, and as the latter, you unleash chaos. Pick a side and choose your occupation!


Major visual upgrade Not as new as it should be
New, fun maps to navigate   

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2. Apex Legend

Apex Legend is a free PC shooting game you can’t survive if you can’t move fast. The game introduces over 13 legends guided by their unique abilities to begin and end an assault. It also offers tricks galore to lead you to a position of advantage. From sliding downhills to shimming up ledges, there are several ways a player can apply to win a victory over an opponent. Inside Apex Legend, users play in squads of three and have an opportunity to combine their abilities to do the winning.


Fast, frantic gameplay Only one gaming mode 
A revolutionary ping management system No cross-platform play

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3. Team Fortress 3

Team Fortress offers fast-paced, man-to-machine combat and packs challenges that really get your adrenaline going. You are a part of either the red or the blue team – pitted against each other – and what follows is a clash of nine playable classes. Every class has its own skill sets, and every attack has its counterattack – all a player needs to be is strategic and create a defense that would render any attack powerless.


Swift, aggressive multiplayer matches Dull graphics  
A solid variety of gameplay modes          The interface needs more streamlining.

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4. Overwatch

Startling combats, tactical gameplay, and competitive UI – Overwatch is fun off the charts. The game has an amazing cast of 21 characters with diverse appearances and unique powers to strike and wipe out the enemy. Overwatch offers a supreme level of coordinated play that’s close to an invigorating experience, and hence, it’s one of the best multiplayer shooting games. Despite all such excellence, the only downside is its thin variety of gaming maps and modes, which apparently is a killjoy.


Plenty of roles to fit different play styles Lack of maps and modes
Balanced action, superb armory        Customizations depend on luck.

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5. Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal, unlike its predecessors, emphasizes more on strategic gameplay than just shooting and sprinting. The high-speed combat unleashes a tremendous wave of demons and nasty attacks. Pick your act together, and you may be lucky to dodge the attack. The streamlined UI and positioning of elements inside the game deserve high praise. Doom Eternal is one of the best FPS games of this generation. As the Doom Slayer, you will obliterate monsters across a session filled to the brim with mayhem, guts, and explosive fun.


Finely-tuned gameplay No support for 32-bit-PCs
An array of enemies compels gamers to use

different strategies and weapon styles.      

The story is serious, and platforming

can frustrate.

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6. Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 places you right in the middle of an apocalyptic world where humanity is on the verge of extinction. The game omits blood and gore with zombies craving to eat your guts out. Left 4 Dead 2 is one of the most sought-after free shooting games with full-blown fight scenes and powerful weapons if you are looking to fight the living dead. The game is an amazing sequel and takes thrill to the next level with more expansive environments, more formidable enemies, and a more dramatic story.


Zombies come in a variety and look lethal. Highly challenging
Awesome four-player action  A constant flow of enemies.

Download Left 4 Dead 2 for Free

7. Dusk

Dusk treads a storyline filled with horror. The gameplay introduces several levels with pulsating action and is pretty challenging to navigate. You have a whole armory of weapons to enforce peace and order. DuskDude, the protagonist, is driven by a desire to acquire a treasure untold. The catch is: he has to fight his way through violent rural locals armed with weapons. Dusk, by the looks of it, throws an ancient feel. The visuals, design, and gameplay scream action but look dated. Even ancillary details and loading screens are old-school. But believe us, Dusk will keep you engaged with its perfect, position-based combat action.


Great horror atmosphere Slightly confusing at times
Fast, dynamic gameplay No map

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8. Black Mesa

Black Mesa considers all the flaws in Half-Life 2 and introduces excellent gameplay. It uses proper physics, allows more potent weapons, adds characters, and packs better visuals. Besides, the climax is way better than what you experience in Half-Life 2. You must expect plants, rocks, and colors that make the atmosphere alive. Inside Black Mesa, you get to use a variety of weapons, including Gluon Gun and shotguns. That’s what you use to shoot soldiers, monsters, and zombies.


Impressive attention to detail Source engine showing age
Incredible gameplay

Download Black Mesa for Free

9. Titanfall 2

To get the war running ability can make a huge difference on a battlefield, and that’s exactly what helps you win the Titanfall 2. You run at high speed, track your enemies down, and decimate them to capture the advantage. When it comes to other tactics, you have a long list of weapons to choose from. But, equally important, you are at liberty to strafe or bunny-hop if that guarantees you a win and survival.


The pace of the game is nothing short of exhilarating. Single-player experience, but short-lived
Simple and captivating story. Not for beginners

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10. Rainbow Six Siege

Last but not least, we have Rainbow Six Siege as one of our top 10 free PC shooting games. Its gameplay is great, with an intensity that adds thrill to the game. It also has many characters with different powers. You will need to think and plan carefully to succeed. Coordination among team members is also crucial if you want to progress, given the competitiveness. The ceiling, walls, and floors are destructible, and hence, the need to keep reinforcing them.


Strategic depth Progression can be slow.
Tactical gameplay No single-player campaign

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Best Free Shooting Games for PC: Final Words

That’s a wrap to our list of top 10 free shooting games for PC.  I hope this article helps you find the game that fulfills your cravings for thrill and action. Don’t forget to share your feedback. And, if you have any suggestions on how we can improve your experience, share them in the comment section below.


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