Best Fishing Games to Play in 2021

5 / 5 ( 2 votes ) There are hundreds of games that one can get to achieve a truly authentic fishing experience. However, the ever-expanding variety can make it difficult to sift out the …

The Catch: Carp and Coarse

There are hundreds of games that one can get to achieve a truly authentic fishing experience. However, the ever-expanding variety can make it difficult to sift out the boring ones from great ones. Therefore, we have curated a guide listing the best fishing games of all time; ones that simulate fishing with a touch of reality. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Best-Rated Fishing Games of All Time

1. Rapala Fishing: Pro Series

Whether you are looking for a fantastic arcade fishing game or an excellent simulator, Rapala Fishing will not disappoint. The in-game graphics look immersive, so much so that one gets the experience similar to real fishing. Ferrying boats and navigating lakes carry natural aesthetics and take realism to a whole new level.

Rapala Fishing: Pro Series

Tournaments that are organized daily are a real attraction. These tournaments keep users engaged and take the fun to its pinnacle. If one completes a tournament, he wins bonuses that can be applied to other upcoming tournaments.

Much as these tournaments kick off the fun, winning one isn’t easy. Strategic use of tactics to master how to handle fishing gear and equipment is required to do the winning. 

Realistic graphical elements Lack of variety to the lakes
Plenty of bonuses to help gamers scale The challenge mode gets over way too quickly. 

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2. Sea of Thieves

Initially, Sea of Thieves didn’t involve fishing; but, it became an instant favorite of gaming pundits as soon as it was added. The gameplay of Sea of Thieves was fun already and came alive with soft, gentle ship creaks, sandy beaches, and lapping of the waves. However, Kraken – or fellow players – would show up, breaching the peace. Soon, fishing was introduced to make the gameplay decently attractive, and the efforts paid well.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves33

One gets to experience fishing expeditions, which aren’t free from hurdles. There are howling thunderstorms lashing down, the boats capsizing due to sweeping waves, and skeleton ships hounding the protagonist relentlessly. And if one thinks this is all, he’s mistaken. The game has several disruptions, such as volcanos and ship fires, to halt the movement in the sea. 

Offers various exciting challenges, and fishing is one of them. The game isn’t entirely free.
Plenty of payoffs and elusive fishes to catch and hence, the thrill. 

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3. Fishing Resort

Fishing Resort is one of the best fishing games since it goes beyond the rudimentary elements of fishing to introduce the ‘resort’ experience. As one steps into the gaming ecosystem, every challenge has a story, and every movement dictates the outcomes.

The cartoons will get one thinking that they aren’t real, but gamers will be shocked to find them as real as they can be. Yes, the graphical elements of the game are too real to be fake. The game incorporates a pre-historic fish – Dunkleostus – that’s the largest of them all.

Fishing Resort

Gamers are at liberty to choose any of the fishing areas. The list of activities one can engage with is varied too. Need to shop the important fishing gear? The game features an in-house store to help gamers shop whatever they need. 

Dynamic graphics A subscription fee is what one needs to cough up to relish the complete experience. 
A wide array of fishes to hunt down, 216 to be precise.

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4. The Catch: Carp and Coarse

The Catch: Carp and Coarse, the best fishing game, has a unique way of determining whether a player has won or not. It doesn’t matter how many fishes you have caught. The real victory lies in whether or not you have caught all kinds of fishes. This fishing game throws up a gauntlet of catching over 135 fish species – 124 Boss Fishes and 11 Monster Boss Fishes.

The Catch: Carp and Coarse

This may seem a cinch, but it isn’t, believe us. One needs to set a huge list of gear & equipment in order to catch these fishes. He even needs to map weather patterns and water flow. Inside the Catch, players need to navigate oceans, lakes, rivers, and whatnot to reach their goals.

The Catch: Carp and Coarse11

Notably, catching the Boss Fish is a tad challenging, and that’s exactly where players get to suck in more fun. Thanks to the multiplayer feature, the game is competitive. 

Fish and water effects look real. Low-quality backdrops.
The maximum amount of gameplay. Boat fishing glitches.

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5. Euro Fishing

Euro Fishing solely focuses on fishing, and interestingly, it isn’t just a game but helps players learn the nitty-gritty of the fishing occupation. Euro Fishing makes a spot on this list for how it caters to both novices and experts and disappoints none.

As a beginner, one gets to clear the basics, understand fishing essentials, learn about gear, and deep dive into marine life. The game teaches players various bait types and fishing techniques that come in handy across a handful of scenarios. Players also get to understand the concept of how a fishing rod works.

Euro Fishing11

As an expert, one gets to explore the advanced levels of fishing where the skills are put to a real test. If a level is cleared, experience points will be earned that can be used to buy equipment and catch various types of fishes. With Live Tournaments and Multi-Player Mode, a player is against a band of competitors, vying for the top spot. 

Realistic, Detailed, and Educative Bad Loading Time
Beautiful Graphics Limited Locations and Fish Species

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6. SEGA Bass Fishing

The biggest plus point of SEGA Bass Fishing is its uncomplicated UI, which explains the consistency of the gameplay. One is ensured of an oasis of relaxation and a fishing experience close to what’s seen in real life while playing SEGA Bass Fishing.

The game puts four tournaments, eight fishing areas, and over 14 various lures at the gamer’s disposal. Rewards are meant to be unlocked if one needs to make progress. Unlike other fishing games that necessitate the push of buttons, SEGA Bass Fishing comes with a controller, and hence, players need to flick their wrists to control the rod.

SEGA Bass Fishing creates a niche for itself for delivering the most authentic arcade gameplay and remains a constant for every list of best fishing games.

Simple to pick up and play Twitchy fish-sensitive cameras
Snag on really big bass Repetitious background music

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7. Fishing Planet

Fishing Planet finds many takers for how it replicates the real-life fishing experiences to perfection. Every aspect of the game is detailed and manifests an impressive realm. What’s more, the game offers an array of lures to the player’s advantage, a variety of rods and reels, and unmatched gear to match catches. The player can even upgrade them whenever he needs a strategic edge. Needless to say, with the right bait & gear, all one needs is to strike right at the right area.

Fishing Planet is a free game available across all platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Free gameplays Slow progress
Real and exciting graphics Long load times

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Best Fishing Games 2021 – Final Words

That’s a wrap to our list of top-rated fishing games that are a must-try in 2021. With these fishing simulator games, one is never required to ditch the comfort of his home to earn the real fishing experience. 

Featuring modern, smart graphics, these games are a real game-changer if you are looking to learn fishing without taking yourself out to a lake or river, not to mention the adrenaline rush one gets when he kills the ever-elusive fishes.

Hope you find this guide helpful. If you have any suggestions, please write them down in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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