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I talk about technology with the curiosity of a kid. The joy I find in trying a new gadget has no match. I love every freakin’ thing about the evolving tech space and want others to take note of it. This passion pushes me to do my job better – each day. I explain ideas as simply as I can, educate, and focus on curating high-quality content.

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How To Download Geeni for Windows 10/8.1/7 and Mac

Thanks to smart home technology, we can control kitchen appliances, lights, fans, ACs, garage doors, and even curtains remotely. You can program and control various devices in and around your house to operate in a set pattern irrespective of where you are. However, enabling this kind of command and control, you need to enable your […]Read More


How To Download Psiphon Pro VPN for PC and Mac

VPN services offer astounding benefits to users. They offer security from malware, viruses, and network attacks. They provide anonymity, allow circumvention of censorship, enable geo-blocking, and enhance the speed of surfing. In fact, some professional VPN services such as Psiphon offer these benefits and a dozen more. In the next few minutes, you will know […]Read More